2020 MTAC Certificates of Merit

Congratulations to all for another successful CM year! Many thanks to our teachers and parents for your tremendously hard work with all students!  Branch Honor Awards:(Awarded to CM students who are level 5 and above, performed all pieces by memory and received a score of 5-/5/5+; scored good/Excellent in techniques, sight-reading and received 80% on […]

2020 CAPMT District V Honors Competition

Congratulations to PIOM students’ achievement in 2020 CAPMT District V Honors Competition and Contemporary Competition. Honor Competition:Category A (age 9 and under):Aileen Huang (3rd place)Category B (age 10-12):Grace Feng (1st place)Category C (age 13-15):Sophie Nguyen (HM) Contemporary Competition:Category B (age 10-12):Grace Feng (1st place) Good luck to Grace who will be competing in State Final […]