2020 Piano League Piano Star International Competition—Congratulations to our Finalists

We would like to congratulate to all our finalists for their great achievements in 2020 Piano League Piano Star International Competition.

Amateur Group B (Age 8-9)
Claire Jin – 1st prize
Emily Fang – 2nd prize
Yichen Huang – 2nd prize
William Ye – 2nd prize
Isabel Feng – 1st Prize
Advanced to Grand Final Winner Showcase Competition (only the top 2 competitors from their respective group will advance to Grand Final.)

Amateur Group C (Age 10-12)
Veronica Richard- 1st prize

Amateur Group D (Age 13-15)
Grace Feng – 1st prize
Selina Lin – 1st prize
Garrett Xu – 2nd prize
Garman Xu – 3rd prize
Sophie Nguyen- 3rd prize

Congratulations! We’re very proud of you all!