2020 Crescendo International Music Competition Winners

Piano Division: 1st Place Honor WinnersKate XuEmily FangClaire JinWilliam YeRebecca LinMaria KudryavtsevaAimee ZhangSelina LinWilliam Hwang String Division: 1st Place Honor WinnerJayden Hoh 3rd Place Honor WinnerShagun Juthani Woodwind Division: 1st Place Honor WinnerAllen Yan

2020 MTAC Sierra Fall Festival Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the 2020 MTAC Sierra Fall Festival. Age 8-9 Trophy Winners:Yichen HuangWilliam YeClaire JinIsabel Feng Age 8-9 Medal Winners:Pearl ShiWill HuangKate Xu Age 10-11 Trophy Winner:Yichen Jin Age 10-11 Medal Winner:Audrey Jiang Age 12-13 Trophy Winners:Garrett XuMaria KudryavtsevaGrace Feng Age 12-13 Medal Winners:Veronica RichardRebecca LinJayden Tan Age 14-15 Trophy Winners:Sophie NguyễnAimee […]