PIOM Student Sisters Receive Awards

Congratulations to Isabel Feng and Grace Feng for winning 2021 Pacific Musical Society and Foundation Competition in their respective categories. Great Job! Very proud of both of you!

PIOM achievements at the CAPMT Student Competitions

District V Honors Competition:Category A:Claire Jin – 1st placeYichen Huang – 3rd placeEmily Fang – HMCategory B:William Ye – 2nd placeRebecca Lin – HMCategory C:Aimee Zhang – HMSelina Lin – HMCategory D:Owen Yang – 3rd place North Regional Concerto Competition:Category A:Isabel Feng – 1st placeCategory B:Arianne Zhang – 3rd placeCategory D:Owen Yang – HM Congratulations […]

PIOM student results for the Auburn Symphony Young Artists Competition

Division IWilliam Ye – co-First PlaceClaire Jin – Second Place Division IIIOwen Yang – co-Grand PrizeWilliam Hwang – First Place