Children's Group Lessons

Starting the week of July 25th, PIOM will resume offering Harmony Road and Young Artist music courses for children. You can register online using our PayPal payment methods after the course descriptions, or get in touch with us for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: PIOM reserves the right to group our students with others of similar ages as we see fit. This is to ensure that the instruction is age appropriate so we can give your student the best possible education.

Also, even though our classes have already begun, we are still taking new students until September 1, 2021.

Harmony Road Music Courses® (for ages 3–5 1/2)

Harmony Road is a music enrichment course that’s carefully constructed for children to learn the basic building blocks of music and have fun. Emphasis is on ear training, solfege singing, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, ensemble and rhythm activities, movement and music creativity. This exceptional course encourages the development of the “inner hearing” which makes transposing, improvisation and composing easily accessible in their musical studies.

Young Artist Beginning Group (all ages)

The Young Artist Beginning Group is a preparation class solely for piano and is designed for the student who plans to continue on to a more serious music education and/or competition. The goal of this five month course is to prepare students with basic piano techniques, note reading, recognition of pitch and sight-singing. Once this course is complete, students will have the basic skills and musical understanding to continue on with private lessons or the Young Musician or Keyboard Prep group courses.