Student Achievements

Recent Achievements

Congratulations to Emily Fang who has been awarded a Gold Medal from 2021 Grand Metropolitan International Music Competition! 

Big applause to Isabel Feng and Grace Feng for their recent wins in the Chopin International Piano Competition, CT!!
Isabel Feng won a 2nd prize of “Junior” Category (up to 10 years old)
Grace Feng received a 3rd prize of “Piano Talents” category (up to 13 years old)
Congratulations to Isabel & Grace Feng for their wins at 2021 Pacific Musical Society & Foundation competition! 
Big applause to Claire & Isabel for their winnings in 2021 CAPMT State Final Competition! 
Honor Competition Category A
Claire Jin — 1st place 
Concerto Competition Category A
Isabel Feng — 1st place    

Other Achievements

CM State Honor recipients:
Aarnika Rajesh
Alexander Ruan
Audrey Jiang
Brandon Yamada
Claire Jin
Claire Liu
Grace Zhu
Gaurav Singh
Hayden Liu
Kennice Tee
Kevin Zhang
Jeremy Gu
Jerry Zhang
Jessenia Chan
Jordan Junaidi
Jovia Low
Junden Seng
Justin Gu
Lavanya Gnanakumar
Mahee Haswani
Mikayla Yamada
Nitya Haswani
Owen Yang
Rebecca Lin
Rena Lu
Renee Tung
Ryan Tung
Sahir Eusuff
Selina Lin
Solon Chan
Sophie Nguyen
Veronica Richard
Wenlin Lei
CM Senior Medallion recipients:Albert Wang
Nitya Haswani
Rena Lu
Sahir Eusuff

Solo Competition Division I:Isabel Feng – Winner


Solo Competition Division II:
Grace Feng – 1st Alternate
Selina Lin – HM

HM Concerto Competition Division III:Owen Yang – HM Congratulations

District V Honors Competition:

Category A:
Claire Jin – 1st place
Yichen Huang – 3rd place
Emily Fang – HM

Category B:
William Ye – 2nd place
Rebecca Lin – HM

Category C:
Aimee Zhang – HM
Selina Lin – HM

Category D:
Owen Yang – 3rd place


North Regional Concerto Competition:

Category A:
Isabel Feng – 1st place

Category B:
Arianne Zhang – 3rd place

Category D:
Owen Yang – HM

Division I

William Ye – co-First Place
Claire Jin – Second Place

Division III

Owen Yang – co-Grand Prize
William Hwang – First Place

2021 Auburn Symphony Young Artists Competition