Student Achievements

String Division:

Junior 1st Place Honors:
Calvin Chen, Yichen Huang, Ishan Goteti

Intermediate 1st Place Honors:
Yeejen Lin, Olivia Jeong, Zhiming Qi, Ryan Xu, Josephine Jeong (perfect score), Jessenia Chan, Alex & Emrys Tu (perfect score)

Advance 1st Place Honors:
Solon Chan, Addie Padilla, Jayden Hoh, Leo Guo, Patrick Kocher, Hanna Wysoczynska, Aaron Niu(perfect score)

Advance 2nd Place Honors: Anika Garg, Rebecca Gehlmann

Piano Division

Junior 1st Place Honors:
Kevin Liu, Claire Jung, Will Huang

Junior 2nd Place Honors:
Pearl Shi, Patrick Kang

Intermediate 1st Place Honors:
Diane Jeong, Mason Jiang, Yichen Huang, Hayden Liu, Tai-Zhi Chen, Emily Fang

Intermediate 2nd Place Honors:
Ella Jiang, Rebecca Lin, Amberlin Liu

Advance 1st Place Honors:
Maria Kudryavtseva, Garrett Xu

Advance 2nd Place Honors:
Solon Chan, Addie Padilla, Sophie Nguyen

Division 1:
Claire Jin – 1st place, piano
Yichen Huang – 2nd place, piano
Josephine Jeong – 3rd place, violin

Division 2:
Garrett Xu – 1st place, piano

Category A (age 9 & under)
Josephine Jeong – 2nd place, violin

Category B (age 10-12)
Emily Fang – 1st place, piano
Yichen Huang – 2nd place, piano
Diane Jeong – HM, piano

Category B(age 10-12)
Emily Fang – 1st place, piano

Showcase Piano Solo Elementary:
Ella Jiang – 2nd place
Tai-Zhi Chen – 2nd place
Esther Chen – 3rd place
Mason Jiang – 4th place

Showcase String Solo Elementary:
Josephine Jeong – 4th place

Showcase Piano Solo Junior:
Emily Fang – 3rd place
Kate Xu – 3rd place
Yichen Huang – 3rd place
Diane Jeong – 4th place
Tai-Zhi Chen – 4th place

Showcase Piano Concerto Senior:
Garman Xu – 2nd place

Treasury of Baroque Composers Intermediate:
Tai-Zhi Chen – 2nd place

Treasury of Baroque Composers Senior:
Yichen Huang – 3rd place

Treasury of Classical Composers Intermediate:
Esther Chen – 2nd place
Tai-Zhi Chen – 3rd place

Treasury of Classical Composers Senior:
Will Huang – 4th place

Treasury of Contemporary Composers Intermediate:
Esther Chen – 3rd place

Treasury of USA Composers Senior:
Emily Fang – 3rd place

Emily Fang:
Concerto Competition State Final, Category B – 2nd place
Honors Competition State Final, Category B – HM
Contemporary Competition State Final, Category B – HM

Grace Feng
selected as one of the 14 festival artists

Concerto competition:
Division 1 – Isabel Feng, Regional winner
Division 3 – Garman Xu, Regional winner
Division 3 – Selina Lin, 2nd Alternate

Solo competition:
Division 1 – Yichen Huang, HM
Division 1 – Claire Jin, HM
Division 2 – Garrett Xu, HM

Piano Division I
1st: Claire Jung – Ms Carol
4th: Taisyu Chen – Ms Carol
5th: Liz Lu – Ms Carol

Piano Division IIa
1st: Yichen Huang – Ms Carol
2nd: Kate Xu – Ms Carol
3rd: Will Huang – Ms Carol
5th: Pearl Shi – Ms Carol

Piano Division IIb
1st: Emily Fang – Ms Carol
2nd: Claire Jin – Ms Carol
3rd: Ella Jiang – Ms Carol
4th: Emrys Tu – Dr. Tchantceva

Piano Division IIIa
2nd: Alex Tu – Dr Tchantceva
5th: Solon Chan – Ms Carol
6th: Yichen Jin – Ms Carol

Piano Division IIIb
5th: Kaylee Shueng – Ms Carol
6th: Amberlin Liu – Ms Carol

Piano Division IV
1st: Garrett Xu – Ms Carol
4th: Garman Xu – Ms Carol
6th: Anika Garg – Ms Carol

String Division V
1st: Alex Tao, violin – Dr Sporov
2nd: Annabelle Wong, violin – Ms Luu

String Division VI
1st: Noah Wong, cello – Mr Chen
2nd: Calvin Chen, violin – Dr Choi
5th: Josephine Jeong, violin – Dr Sporov
6th: Mason Jung, violin – Dr Choi

String Division VII
1st: Haruki Murata, violin – Dr Choi
2nd: Jayden Hoh, violin – Ms Luu
3rd: Gavin Dudgeon, violin – Dr Choi
6th: Maryann Kocher, cello – Mr Chen

String Division VIII
1st: Aaron Niu, cello – Mr Chen
3rd: Jessenia Chan, violin – Dr Sporov
4th (tie): Patrick Kocher, violin – Dr Choi
4th (tie): Alexis Padilla, violin – Dr Choi
6th: Yeejin Lin, viola – Dr Sporov

2023 Crescendo Competition at Carnegie Hall
2023 United States Open Music Competition
2023 Go for the Gold Competition