Cheyenne Lee, MM


Cheyenne received her Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from California State University, Northridge, studying with Lorenz Gamma and Roberto Cani.  She continued with her master’s studies with Iggy Jang at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.    

Cheyenne is a California-based violinist, who has been an active performer in both Los Angeles and Honolulu.  She has experience in chamber, solo, and orchestral music.  She has performed in such festivals as the Zodiac Music Academy, the Hawai’i Performing Arts festival, and the Cremona International Music Academy.  She was given the opportunity to tour the UK with the Sacramento Youth Symphony when she was in high school.  She was a member of the CSUN Symphony for four years and has performed as section principal and concertmaster.  Cheyenne has performed with international artist Serj Tankian and she served as concertmaster for Aida Cuevas at the Valley Performing Arts Center, now known as The Soraya.  She has also performed and recorded for the CSUN Jazz A band.  She took part in performing for the nonprofit Hawai’i Chamber Music Festival summer series in 2019.  She has performed with the Hawai’i Symphony in a collaborative concert, as part of Hawai’i’s ANA Music Week.

Cheyenne has been so fortunate to have studied with some of the best violin teachers throughout her life, and she owes her entire foundation in music to their expertise, encouragement, and endless support. That is why she knows firsthand, the value of a great teacher- one who not only has infinite wisdom to share about music and life, but also one who truly connects with their students and helps them feel inspired.

It has always been her goal to emulate this type of positive and motivational environment, where her students feel safe to express themselves and their musicality. She creates a space where students of all ages and levels can continually grow and fulfill their creative desire.