Cloris Huang, B.ED

Piano & Cello

Yu-Ting Huang, professionally known as Cloris, is a certified music educator with exceptional prowess and extensive pedagogical experience. Holding a B.ED. degree in Music Education from National Pingtung University, Cloris boasts over thirteen years of dedicated instruction in music theory and performance, specializing in the cello and piano disciplines. Her teaching portfolio includes a diverse range of students encompassing various age groups and proficiency levels.

Cloris’s instructional approach is deeply rooted in forging personalized connections with her students. She prides herself on fostering an environment of encouragement and positivity, ensuring that each lesson becomes a transformative and constructive experience. By cultivating such a rapport, Cloris cultivates an atmosphere of heightened engagement and proficiency, enabling her students to excel in their instrumental pursuits.

Beyond her role as an educator, Cloris has garnered significant recognition for her own musical accomplishments. Her adeptness as a performer has graced prestigious stages, reflecting her comprehensive grasp of the musical domain. Moreover, her mentorship extends to guiding students through auditions for esteemed orchestras like the Singapore Youth Orchestra and the Kaohsiung Youth Orchestra, underscoring her commitment to their holistic musical development.
Cloris’s influence extends to the realm of music competitions, where she empowers her students to participate in events ranging from piano, cello, string ensemble, and chorus genres across Singapore and Taiwan. Her strategic guidance has resulted in commendable achievements and notable accolades for her protégés.

Notably, Cloris has been instrumental in preparing students for the rigorous practical examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Her meticulous guidance through examination preparation and adeptness in navigating college application processes have solidified her reputation as an educator dedicated to shaping well-rounded musicians.

In addition to her pedagogical endeavors, Cloris is an accomplished songwriter and composer, exemplifying her multifaceted approach to music education. Her original compositions and tailored syllabi underscore her commitment to facilitating enriching and purpose-driven learning experiences.

In essence, Cloris epitomizes a confluence of artistic mastery and educational acumen. Her unwavering dedication to nurturing musical talent and fostering a deep appreciation for the arts establishes her as a transformative figure in the realm of music education.