Corey Oiler, MM


Corey Oiler is a dedicated freelance cellist and string instructor residing in Sacramento, CA. He currently holds a Performer’s Certificate and Master’s of Music in Cello Performance from Sacramento State University, and earned Bachelor’s degrees in Music Performance and Publication Writing and Design from Graceland University. Corey’s passionate and sensitive playing has been featured in many ensembles including The Vuletich Troka Piano Trio, Opera Modesto, Sacramento State Symphony, and many more. He adapts to different styles and cultures and organized and performed with a non-profit called Music Beyond Borders, which was dedicated to the pursuit of cultural unity.

Corey is a person who cares about making a difference with his music. He taught and provided outreach for 3 years in the Sacramento State String project under Master Teacher Trainer Judy Bossuat-Gallic to educate young musicians willing to learn. In his free time, Corey enjoys playing for retirement communities, and has developed a relationship with Eskaton, the leading retirement home organization in Sacramento. He founded a nonprofit music organization called Music Beyond Borders, that had a highly successful season of performances featuring guest artists representing numerous cultural backgrounds.

Corey has studied with great cellists such as Andrew Luchansky, Dana Woolard-Hughlett, and Thalia Moore. He has performed in master classes for Rhonda Rider, Eliot Bailen, and Jeffrey Zeigler. Corey was the principal cellist throughout his time at Graceland University and completed the last two years of his academic experience playing principal in the Sacramento State Symphony. He has been featured in numerous Opera Modesto performances including Rigoletto, Mansfield Park, and a unique opera-to-film production called The Race, which went on to win numerous awards in the international film festival circuit.