Inna Gontsa, BM


Inna began taking professional music lessons very early on and began performing by the age of 6. She then began her music academy lessons with 7 different classes in piano, choir, theory, ear training, performance, graduated at age 12, and began her journey as piano accompanist and choral director at age 13.

Also, starting at age 7, Inna has been a singer and performer—traveling with groups, artists and soloists with shows in different local churches as well as bigger shows. Between ages 14 and 20, Inna began training and directing 5 choirs—in addition to 2 from a local church—and traveling with the Oasis Chamber Choir, doing shows and performances and began to taking on a world renowned Choral Ensemble.

Inna graduated with a BM degree from Moscow, and a Bachelors of Music in Piano from California State University Sacramento, where she studied with world class pianists Richard Cionco and Don Kendrick. Inna has been teaching for over 20 years. She enjoys finding a way for every student to love creating music and sharing the art of music with listeners.