Viktoriya Sinitsa, MM

Violin / Viola

Viktoriya Sinitsa graduated with a Bachelor of Music Performance from California State University, and with Masters in Music from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She started to take piano lessons at the age of four and violin at the age of eight. When she moved to the United States as a teenager she became actively involved in performing at the festivals of Russian, Spanish and Baroque music, community services for churches, hospitals and senior homes, and masterclasses with accomplished musicians. Viktoriya performs in a variety of different musical styles, which include: ensembles of Baroque, symphony, opera, jazz, and contemporary music. In 2018 Viktoriya with the California State University jazz ensemble was awarded third place at the Monterey National Jazz competition. She is a member of Jazz Symphonia Phonotone, performing concerts and at political events around the globe. Three years ago, Viktoriya established her own youth symphony orchestra, where she worked as conductor and trained young musicians. Recently Viktoriya became involved with composing and arranging music for orchestras and ensembles. Her teaching experience include: teaching private and group classes at California State University string project program, orchestra coach at George Washington High School, after-school music teacher at Community Outreach Academy, and private lessons at Pleasanton Music Academy. Viktoriya is working with students of all ages and believes that anyone can learn how to play the violin regardless of their age. Viktoriya focuses on the technical quality, sound production, intonation and posture. She enjoys teaching and can find the approach to any student.