PIOM Young Artist Program (YAP)

About the Program

What is Young Artist Program?

PIOM Young Artists Program is a standardized music curriculum designed for students from beginner to advanced level. This program is designed to give students guidelines for serious musical training throughout the year.

But what is this program really all about?

The program is creating a well-designed learning environment and structure for the students to plan their studies years in advance. It is a path, outlined in the form of the Student Learning Outcomes, also known as Curriculum, which give participants the idea of where to go next with their technique and the choices of repertoire.

How to enroll?

September 30 and February 28 are the deadlines for the YAP enrollment. Students who are interested in enrolling into the PIOM Young Artist Program will need to submit the YAP enrollment form.

What about the Jury (assessment)?

Students who enrolled in the PIOM Young Artist Program will participate in a school-wide Jury/assessment at the end of the school academic year. Students will be evaluated with techniques requirements and free choice of repertoire depending on their level. Jury will take place during studio class week in May. There will be no private/group lessons given during the studio class week. The students will be expected to perform in front of the panel of judges comprised of the PIOM Faculty. Upon the successful completion of their Jury requirements, the participants will receive an assessment of their current level, together with the suggestions for their further development.

What is PIOM Student Honor Society?

PIOM Student Honor Society Members will be selected during the YAP year-end Jury in May every year. This is a student organization run by Student Honor Society members. Students who pass YAP Level 3 will be eligible to be accepted as members regardless of their age. There are various positions available (officer positions) for students who are currently enrolled in YAP and are going to be Grade 8th and beyond in the upcoming academic year.
The Honor Society members will participate in the student Honor Recital in May.

Where can I find the YAP Student Learning Outcomes/Curriculums?

YAP Student Learning Outcomes/Curriculums of each instrument can be found on the school website at www.piom.org and viewed with the passcode “piomMu51c”

How to Participate

If you’re interested in participating in the program, you’ll need to complete our online form to apply. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be sent a password that will give you access to the curricula.

Already have a password? Enter it below to download the YAP curriculum of your choice.

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